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I N D I A - The Next Stainless Steel Powerhouse?

With a stainless steel demand exceeding 3 million tonnes since 2014 and an increasing focus on quality products, India is set on the growth pathway for the next years ahead

The Indian stainless steel crude production has been rising very fast, especially since 1990, when CrMn steel production started to take off. The development of CrMn steels in India was triggered by high nickel prices and a lack of domestic availability. Producers of household utensils were searching for a low cost alternative to make stainless steel affordable for the mass market.

Production in 2015 was almost 190 times higher than in 1978, 15 times higher than in 1990 and more than 3 times higher than in 2000, reaching 3.5 million tonnes in 2015. On average India had an annual growth rate of 16% since 1978. The production of stainless steel stagnated in 2014, but recovered in 2015.

The long term perspectives for India remain positive. India has been increasingly shifting focus from volume- to value-based production in the past few years. Stimulated by recent lower nickel prices, the country is producing today more 300 series and less low quality 200 and has an increasing share of high quality production than before.

Stainless steel demand has also been growing to over 3 million tonnes in 2015, making India the second largest market in the world behind China. India might not experience the Chinese exorbitant growth of the recent years, but it is set out to continue its rapid development supported by industrialization, urbanization and a “Make in India” economic policy.

This detailed market report introduces 45 Indian stainless steel producers (flat and long products). It covers every aspect of the stainless steel production in India, as well as an analysis of the current and future demand by end use segment.

You can learn every detail about this market without even travelling there, saving travel costs and valuable time!

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Stainless steel producers ask:

  • Where is stainless steel used in India?
  • Who are major end users?
  • Who are my competitors for certain products?
  • How much capacity is installed and will new capacity be added?
  • Are capacity additions driven by growing domestic demand or aiming for increasing exports?

Raw material suppliers ask:

  • Who is buying raw materials (scrap, nickel, chromium, molybdenum)?

  • What is the raw material mix of each mill?


Table of Contents 2

  1. Exports & Imports

    4.1 Exports by Product Form
    4.2 Exports by Destination
    4.3 Imports by Product Form
    4.4 Imports by Origin

  2. Indian Demand

    5.1 Total Demand
    5.2 Flat Products Demand
    5.3 Long Products Demand
    5.4 Demand by End Use Sector
    5.5 Building & Construction
    5.6 Process Industries
    5.7 Transportation
    5.8 Utensils & Appliances

  3. Outlook to 2018

    6.1 Capacity Outlook
    6.2 Demand Outlook
    6.3 Capacity vs. Production
    6.4 Raw Material Outlook

  4. Company Profiles

Company Profiles

incl. company background, production equipment, product range, production volume, sales channels, future plans

Companies with Meltshop:

Adhunik Metaliks, Ambica Steels, BRG Group, Chandan Steel, Goradia Special Steels, India Steel Works, Jindal, Laxcon Steel, Mittal Corp, Mukand, Panchmahal Steel, Rajputana Stainless, Rimjhim Ispat, Rohit Ferro-Tech, Salem Stainless Steel Plant (SAIL), Shah Alloys, Star Wire (India), Sunflag Iron & Steel, Synergy Steels, TI Steels Pvt., Valley Iron & Steel (Bindal Group), Viraj Profiles

Cold Rolling, Bar & Wire Drawing

Bansal Wire Industries, Bhandari Foils & Tubes, Chopra Group, Garg Inox, Hindustan Stainless, Hisar Metal Industries, IUP Jindal Metals and Alloys, K.P.T. Metal, Nevatia Steel & Alloys, Prasum Metals, Quality Stainless, Raajratna Metal Industries, Rajlaxmi Group, Real Strips, Shah Foils, Sindia Steels, SKM Steels, Venus Wire Industries

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