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Turkey – A Bright Spot in the Stainless Steel World

The Turkish market has outperformed most markets in terms of stainless demand growth since the year 2000. The market for stainless steel in Turkey reached around 450,000 tonnes in 2015 compared to 230,000 tonnes in 2005 and just 95,000 tonnes in 2000.

This corresponds to an average growth rate of 10 % per year which is higher than e.g. Brazil (5 %), Russia (5 %), or India (8 %). In comparison, the overall European market did not grow at all during this timeframe. Thus, Turkey can be considered as one of the bright spots in the stainless steel world!

In 2013, POSCO Assan TST started production of cold rolled coils in Turkey from imported hot band which significantly changed the competitive landscape in the market. Import duties of 8 % were imposed on cold rolled products which resulted in a drop of imports in 2014 and 2015.

The Marmara region around Istanbul only accounts for 9 % of the Turkish land and for 30 % of the population, but is the main hotspot for stainless steel with a share of 65 % from the total stainless steel demand. Turkey has a solid industrial base and stainless steel is widely used across all end use segments including appliances, sinks & kitchenware, process equipment, building & construction as well as transport.

This report analyses the Turkish stainless steel demand by region and end use segment (including split by product forms, grades, dimensions, surfaces) and includes a list of key accounts for each sector.

Furthermore, the report presents the sales channels from the mills thorough service centers and distributors to the final end users. Finally, a realistic projection for the stainless steel demand is shown until 2020 based on future macroeconomic and industrial developments.

You can learn every detail about this market without even travelling there, saving travel costs and valuable time!

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Table of Contents 2

  1. Prices

    4.1 Import Prices
    4.2 Current Market Prices

  2. Stainless End Use Turkey

    5.1 Appliances
    5.2 Kitchenware/Sinks
    5.3 Process Equipment
    5.4 Building & Construction
    5.5 Transport
    5.6 Tube & Pipe

    Each segment description includes a list of key accounts and end users as well as the following analysis: split by product forms, grades, dimensions, surfaces, regions and sales channels.

  3. Outlook by End Use Segment

Companies Mentioned

  1. Domestic Producers

    Posco Assan TST

  2. Service Centers

    Saritas, ThyssenKrupp, Aperam, Budinoks, Engin Metal, Diva Metal, Cemsun, Gözdem, Nikel, Kalmet, Bayar, and many more....

  3. End Users

    Arcelik, BSH, Indesit, Silverline, Vestel, Asil Krom, Franke, Krom Celik Evye, Kromevye, Öztiryakiler, Buga Otis Asansör, Bosal Mimaysan, Delphi, Matay Otomotiv, Sango, TEMSA, and many more....

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