• head2Exhaust tubes, ornamental & structural tubes, industrial tube & pipe
  • head2Made of ferritic stainless steel
  • head2e.g. Process Pipes,Heat Exchanger Tubes, Hygienic Tubes

The World Market for Stainless Steel Welded Tube & Pipe

The stainless steel welded tube & pipe market is one of the most important segments of the whole stainless steel market. In 2016, it accounted for 12 % of the worldwide stainless steel flat products and 8 % of the total stainless steel market.

The global volumes for stainless steel welded pipe have been stable from 2014 to 2016, but within the individual product segments trends have been different. Whilst automotive tubes and ornamental & structural tubes have been growing, the demand for process pipe has dropped due to the weakness of the oil & gas market and a lack of project business.

In 2017, demand for stainless steel welded tube & pipe was up again and this positive trend is expected to continue until 2022 throughout all end use segments.

This market study presents all relevant aspects of welded stainless steel tube and pipe from a global perspective. It is a very comprehensive data collection, providing an in-depth analysis of the most important segments of the welded tube and pipe market:

  • Ornamental & Structural Tubes
  • Exhaust Tubes
  • Tube & Pipe for Industrial Applications

Further, the market for industrial tube & pipe can be broken down into the following end use segments: instrumentation & hydraulic tubes, heat exchanger tubes, hygienic tubes, mechanical tubes, and process pipe (continuous welded and batch welded).

This report includes market volumes (production, import, exports, demand) for 50 countries worldwide for both round and square/rectangular tubes as well as a list of more than 300 welded tube & pipe producers worldwide (incl. product range).

This study is of immense value for stainless steel producers, tube & pipe producers, stockists and EPC contractors. In fact every member of the supply chain should read this report!

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Market Segments

The market volumes for each of the following segments are shown globally and by region (Europe, America, Asia, ROW) from 2011 to 2017:

  • Ornamental tubes

  • Structural tubes

  • Process pipe

  • Hygienic tubes

  • Heat exchanger tubes

  • Mechanical tubes

  • Others

The report also includes a forecast for each segment until 2022 by region (Europe, America, Asia, ROW).

Tube & Pipe Producers

This report also includes a list of more than 300 stainless steel welded tube & pipe suppliers as well as rankings of the top producers for various products:

  • Ranking of Top 25 Producers

  • Top 10 Producers of Exhaust Tubes

  • Top 10 Producers of Ornamental & Structural Tubes

  • Top 10 Producers of Industrial Tube & Pipe

  • List of Global Producers (incl. Product Range)


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