• head2Around 50 % of STS wire rod is further drawn into wire
  • head2Around 25 % of STS wire rod is used to produce STS screws, bolts & nuts
  • head2Used to produce wire, bright bars and fasteners

The Market for Stainless Steel Wire Rod

The most comprehensive report available in the industry containing market volumes for 35 countries and 20 detailed producer profiles incl. production cost analysis!

This in-depth market report, which is updated every year, provides all you need to know about the global stainless steel wire rod market and its producers. The report includes the market volumes for wire rod from 1997 until present and latest news and updates about the market situation. The core of the database is formed by detailed company profiles of 20 companies in 13 countries including a production cost comparison.

The stainless steel wire rod market increased from 1,200 kt in 2000 to 2,380 kt in 2016. This corresponds to a growth level of 4.2% p.a. A sharp decline was recorded in 2009 along the global economic recession, but in the following years the market recovered to reach new record levels. Between 2017 and 2022 the market is expected to grow by around 3.4% p.a. with China and India as the main contributors. Growth in Europe and America will stagnate.

Half of the wire rod is used for redrawing into stainless steel wire. Over a quarter is used for the production of fasteners, and the rest for the production of bright bars and other applications e.g. rebars, cutlery (mainly Europe) and automotive exhaust hooks (mainly in North America).

Tsingshan, a relatively young Chinese company, is the largest producer of stainless steel wire rod. Today only one European company remains in the top 15 producer ranking whilst all other producers are located in Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, India).

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Table of Contents 2


    2.1 World Summary
    2.1.1 Production Development
    2.1.2 Production by Country
    2.1.3 Top Producers World
    2.1.4 Who is aggressive?
    2.1.5 Industry Consolidation

    2.2 Europe

    2.2.1 Production Development
    2.2.2 European Producers

    2.3 America

    2.3.1 Production Development
    2.3.2 American Producers

    2.4 Asia & India

    2.4.1 Production Development
    2.4.2 Asian & Indian Producers


    3.1 Input Factors (Raw Materials, Currencies, Labor Costs, Electricity)

    3.2 Cost Results
    3.2.1 Costs by Stage of Production
    3.2.2 Costs by Type

Table of Contents 3

  1. OUTLOOK TO 2022

  2. Company Profiles
  • Acerinox (Roldan & NAS)
  • ASR (Outokumpu)
  • Baosteel
  • Changcheng
  • Cogne
  • Daido
  • Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (S+B Group)
  • Dongbei
  • Fagersta Stainless
  • Mukand
  • NSSC
  • SeAH Changwon
  • Shanxi Taigang (TISCO)
  • Tsingshan
  • Ugitech (S+B Group)
  • Valbruna
  • Viraj
  • Walsin Lihwa
  • Yieh Hsing
  • Yongxing

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