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Shining Bright – BA Stainless Steel (Producers, Demand, Applications & Outlook)

Bright Annealed (BA) Stainless Steel is a high value niche product within the stainless steel world. The total demand was around 2 million t in 2016 which accounts for just 6 % of the global demand for cold rolled stainless steel which was 33.6 million t in 2016. Ferritic grades account for 55 % of the global BA demand and austenitic grades for 45 %.

The 3 European producers (Outokumpu, Aperam, Acerinox) and POSCO in Korea dominate todays production of BA stainless steel. These 4 companies combined nearly produce 50 % of the global BA volumes. Apart from these players, many players in Asia (11 out of top 15) are producing BA surfaces and the top 15 account for 90 % of the global production.  Globally around 45 bright annealing lines are installed and in 2016 around 75 % of the global BA capacity was utilized. However, some producers where almost running at full capacity.

Asia (excl. China) is the major net exporter of bright annealed stainless steel whilst Europe, America, China and rest of the world are net importers. Consumption of BA is still dominated by European countries (including Turkey) accounting for 37 % of the global demand in 2016.

Domestic appliances (washing machines, dryers, dishwashers) account for the biggest part of ferritic BA demand (almost 75 %). Other applications include transport (e.g. exhaust trim, hose clamps), food service (e.g. commercial kitchens, food storage equipment), building and construction (e.g. elevators & escalators, cladding & roofing, water tanks, chimney liners, sinks) and others. For austenitics, demand is distributed more evenly across those industries.

The future outlook for BA stainless steel remains bright. Global demand is expected to grow by around 5 % per year until 2021 which is faster than many other stainless steel products.

This market report includes market volumes (production, import, exports, demand) by region for ferritic and austenitic bright annealed stainless steel. It shows the production by producer and describes the end use applications including names of major key accounts globally.

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BA Producers Shown

The following producers of bright annealed (BA) stainless steel are shown in this report (sorted alphabetically):

  • Acerinox Group (Algeciras / Middleburg / Ghent)
  • Aperam (Gueugnon / Genk)
  • AST (Terni)
  • Chia Far (Taipei)
  • Hyundai BNG Steel (Changwon)
  • JFE (Chiba)
  • Angang Lianzhong (LISCO, Guangzhou)
  • Ningbo Baoxin (Ningbo)
  • Nisshin (Shunan / Kinuura)
  • NSSC (Kashima)
  • Outokumpu Stainless (Krefeld / San Lois Potosi)
  • POSCO (Pohang / VST / Rayong / ASSAN TST)
  • TISCO (Tayuan)
  • YUSCO (Kaohsiung)
  • Zhejiang Yongjin


Focus on Ferritic BA

2 Market Structures – Focus on Ferritic BA and Appliance Industry

2.1 Market Volumes 2010 – 2016

2.2 Market Structures by End Use and Region 2016

2.3 Market Structures

  • By grade and region (430, Other Ferritics)
  • By thickness and region (<0.5 mm, 0.5 mm - <1.0 mm, 1.0 mm - <1.5 mm, 1.5 mm and above)

3 Forecast to 2021 by Application

4 List of Key Accounts

5 Industry Cost Curve – Focus on 430 BA, Thickness 0.8 mm

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